Salad Dressing


A couple of summers ago,  my daughter and boyfriend traveled along with my husband and me to my brother’s place in Salmon, Idaho. It was dry and hot there. We had come from Washington State where we were having an unusually hot and dry summer ourselves.

For the two nights we were in Idaho, we barbequed on my brother’s outdoor grill set up with un-mortared bricks, and steel cooking racks. The nice thing about that is the bricks can be rearranged for the food being cooked. For instance, my brother and the kids re-arranged them to make an outdoor smoker, placing the bricks closer together and making two shelves with the racks, creating a deeper, narrower space below so the smoke went straight up. A large board placed over the top kept it in. We smoked salmon on it. And strips of marinated steak for jerky.

When the smoking was done after a couple of hours, the board was taken off and we grilled our vegetables and tri-tip steaks on it. Man, it was so good! The dogs loved it too!

My daughter made a green salad, with the usual lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onions… and avocados cut into small chunks. She dressed it with olive oil, rice wine vinegar, a bit of salt and black pepper. Then tossed to mix and let it set out while dinner cooked.

half an avocado

The avocados broke down a little, becoming creamy, creating a lovely coating on the salad greens when tossed again, with bits of avocado still recognizable. It wasn’t too heavy, or thick. The texture and flavor was very tasty. I imagine the vinegar, as mild as rice wine vinegar is, and the heat of the evening, helped the avocados to “melt.”

I am still trying to replicate that smooth creamy dressing that came about sort of like one of those magic pies where everything is mixed together but it somehow separates into a pie crust with filling…

Maybe the smell of cooking food over a fire, and having only had nachos and a couple of beers earlier made everything taste even better, but that salad really topped off the dinner.

Well, except for the gooey rich frosted brownies I had made. Those came later, and really topped it off.

Gotta love grilling over a wood fire~

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