Kitchen memories


Cinnamon rolls,

Best ever.

Meatloaf. Roast beef,

Carrots, parsnips,

Small volcanoes of mashed potatoes

Erupting with pools of dark gravy.

American sukiyaki

Hamburger stew,

Oven fried chicken, diner salad with

Thousand island, or ranch

Cookies, lots of them

Oatmeal, chocolate chip, little date pocketsDSCF2166

Brownies without nuts.

Betty Crocker cakes with dark icing—

Halloween, Easter, birthday cupcakes

Showing off their finery under Mom’s artistic touch.

Banana bread, zucchini bread

With baby chocolate chips.

IMG_20170721_224618957Spaghetti sauce made with tomato juice, amazingly

Great. Bread slices with margarine and garlic powder.

Bread. White, wheat, rye. Proofing in the oven over

Warm water. On the counter in summer

Our disfigured rolls

Next to Mom’s

Fat and smooth, rising high.

Coffee cakes from sweet dough:

Cinnamon, nuts,

Sugar, jam.

Conversation about school, boys,

Work. Advice, jokes…

Dad slices turkey, Mom turns out

Potato rolls into a basket.potroll2

Decisions made, sad news got, angry

Words. Relaxing. Living.



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