Long time ago…

Wow! It’s been months since I’ve written anything here. My apologies. I did warn you all that I’m not very good at blogging.

Last time I posted, it was about homemade granola bars. I messed with them a couple more times, adding yogurt and some baking soda, and some shaved chocolate just to jazz it up a bit.

The first batch —second attempt— was soft, which my husband liked. Not too bad a flavor, although I didn’t care for the texture.

granola bars 2
2nd try, too soft and fluffy

The third try I liked best, except I didn’t process the oats. I would if I ever made them again, but I lost interest once I created a recipe I liked.

granola bars
3rd tweak, almost just right!

I bought some Choco Chimps breakfast cereal to munch on and called it a day.IMG_0048

It’s been hot here in Western Washington —seemingly relative to the norm, although I found a couple of things I had written for other didn’t-last blogs (as mentioned on one of my pages) that said the same thing in recent years so I guess I have to accept that this is the new normal. The point being that I haven’t baked a whole lot because air-conditioning is an option, not a given when houses are built here, and ours is a small house. Our oven heats the whole darned house!

But I’ve gotten a job at a bakery that helps fill the urge to bake. Can’t wait for autumn though!

Thanks for sticking with me.

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