Introduction, sort of

This blog is one of several I have attempted… I always get stuck. I’d explain why and all that but it’s boring to read.

Believe me, I’ve just written it down three times and fell asleep doing it.

So the thing is, I’ll probably post some things I’ve written before. If you think it sounds familiar, then you may have come across one of my previous blogs. Or two, or three.

This blog will be about baking mostly. So if you were hoping for a decadent experience with dark breads full of molasses and grain or sensuous pictures of smooth, creamy cheesecakes with their insides showing, dripping with strawberries and crème fraiche, that might happen. That’s not all it’s about.  It’s what part of it’s about though.

Not that I have anything against that. But for me, it takes a lot of time to do pictures and writing about how lovely a creamy cheesecake filling is, how beautiful and soulful bread dough can be. Or how absolutely euphoric an experience it is biting into the crisp crust of a freshly baked baguette.

Actually that sounds pretty good.

There will be pictures. There will be recipes. There will be more than that, but it won’t be constant food porn like this:

Not that I have anything against that.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this far. I hope you stick around to read more; and that you’ll like what you read enough to visit again.

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